Sherae Cuddle Bun aka Marnee

Marnee Comes From Sherae Aussie Bulldogs,Her sire is Jorjade Garnet(Boris) and Marnee's Dam is Warra Nala. Marnee is 3rd Generation and 81.31%, Marnee is a lovely Rich Red and has Produced that in alot of her Progony, She is a very athletic muscular girl. Marnee has been Penn Hip Scored with fantastic Results.

Marnee is now enjoying Retired life here with us spending her days laying around sunning herself.

                             Sherae Cuddle Bun aka Marnee
                             Sire ~ Jorjade Garnet
                             Dam ~ Warra Nala
                             DOB ~ 11.11.2009
                             Percentage ~ 81%
                             Generation ~ 3rd
                             Colour ~ Red & White
                             Penn Hip Scored ~ Distraction Index ~ R 0.55 L 0.59 
                             Degenerative Joint Disease ~ None 
                             Cavitation ~ No

                          Marnee 5yrs old

          Sherae Cuddle Bun aka Marnee @10mths

        Sherae Cuddle Bun aka Marnee @7mths

                      Warra Nala (Dam)

                  Jorjade Garnet aka Boris (Sire)