Indian Chief Litter

Bullroarer Majestic Princess aka Flurt was mated with Maple-Lee Huey aka Bullet, Flurt Gave Birth to 12 stunning Baby's on the 28.6.2014 sadly we had to say goodbye to 2 little angels......We would like to say a massive Thank You to Amy from Ace Aussie Bulldogs for allowing us to use Bullet as our chosen Stud for Flurt...We are over the moon with what they produced!!


                   MAPLE LEE HUEY aka BULLET (SIRE)

                                   Sire ~ Maple-Lee Charlie (BB)
                               Dam ~ Warnabull Betty Paige
                               DOB ~ 8.7.2011
                               Percentage ~ 93.5%
                               Generation ~ 1st
                               Colour ~ Red/White
                               Hip Scored ~ L 2 R 2 Elbows 0+0
                               Health Checked


                                                    Sire ~ Tharah Axe
                                 Dam ~ Sherae Cuddle Bun
                                 DOB ~ 13.1.2012
                                 Percentage ~ 82.98 %
                                 Generation ~ 3rd
                                 Colour ~ Red & White
                                 Penn Hip Scored
                                 Penn Hip Score ~ Distraction Index ~ R 0.54 L 0.73
                                 Degenerative Joint Disease ~ None 
                                 Cavitation ~ No

                Pictures of Pups Taken at 6wks old