* Confirmed Mating all details on the Planned Matings Page * Due end November 2019

Bullroarer Australian Bulldog Kennel's are situated near Tamworth,NSW.
We strive to produce great looking healthy athletic pups with great confirmation for Pet Homes.
We are Registered Breeder's with the Aussie Bulldog Club of Australia(ABCA)
Currently we Hip/Elbow Score all our dogs with OFA & Penn Hip we also Health Test and DNA Test all our dogs to rule out Hereditary Disease's.
We have been a long time breeder for 13+ years

If you would like more information about or breeding program, puppies, planned matings or anything else please dont hesitate to contact me.

                  Bullroarer Damn Hot aka Viper

                  Bullroarer Mustang aka Wrecka


                      Bullroarer Roo aka Roo

                      Bullroarer On Ya Sheila aka Switch

                    Bullroarer Heat Seeker aka Rocco

                           Bullroarer Red Gum aka Pepsi


                    Bullroarer Camaro aka Skeeta


                 Bullroarer Majestic Princess aka Flurt


                  Bullroarer Pocahontas aka Pokie


                  Bullroarer Warlock aka Jazz


                  Sherae Cuddle Bun aka Marnee


                              Bloomfields Tess  


                           Scalli-bull Dozer